Ferrari 355 Challenge Engine Rebuild

At the last event of the year this engine suffered a head gasket failure just before the last session was due to go out on track.

Once back at the workshop we pulled the engine out and stripped the cylinder heads off and carried out an assessment of the damage.

The customer advised us he would like the whole engine overhauled so we set to work stripping the engine down to component form.

We sent the cylinder heads away to a local specialist machine shop to have new valve guides fitted.  The F355 heads are five valves per cylinder and are notorious for valve guide wear as the angles in the head cause excessive wear.

We sent all the aluminium parts to the blasters and all steel ancillaries to be cad plated.

Once all the new parts had arrived we sent all the internals to the balancers before assembly.

We then carried out assembly of the engine which was then installed and taken to the rolling road to run the engine before the first test day @ Silverstone.






  • New Valve Guides
  • New inlet and exhaust valves
  • New main & big end bearings
  • New oil pump housing and gears due to scoring
  • New oil pump chain
  • New piston rings
  • All new gaskets and seals