Ferrari 355 Challenge LH Carbon Door
This part was design to be used on the Ferrari 355 Challenge to help save weight over the very heavy factory door.  It is a once piece construction which includes the lower air intake panel which is made as part of the door.  This part can be fitted to F348s but will need new door opening handles.

The doors were designed to be used with the plastic window kits, but could be adapted to use original window glasses and motors.

20KG Weight saving when used with plastic window kits

The bare door shells weight 4.5 KG 

The doors require professional fitting as need trimming and shaping around door gapes and hinges.  Doors supplied 5mm oversized on front and back door gaps

Made & Supplied by RnR 




This will fit:

  • Ferrari 348 TS (with new door handles)
  • Ferrari 348 TB (with new door handles)
  • Ferrari 348 GTC (with new door handles)
  • Ferrari 348 Challenge (with new door handles)
  • Ferrari 355 GTS
  • Ferrari 355 GTB
  • Ferrari 355 Challenge