The RnR Team were proud to be able to support cars in both the Pirelli Ferrari Formula Classic – which include everything from the 70’s & 80’s 308’s & 328 GTB’s up to the early 90’s with the 355’s & 550 Marenello’s as well as;

The Ferrari Club Racing series which is able to provide affordable racing for owners of Ferrari Challenge & GT race cars up to and including the 458 Challenge tipo.

Festival Italia is a wonderful celebration of all things Italian.

A brilliant day out for all our racers.  After difficult qualifying conditions due to early rain, it soon cleared up for an almost dry race.

Race 10 – No class wins for our drivers this time but a fastest lap in Group 5.

Race 11 – Class win in Group 2, along with fastest lap.

Race 10

  1. Tristan Simpson – 355 Challenge
  2. Wayne Marrs – 355 Challenge
  3. Tim Mogridge – 355 Challenge

Race 11

  1. Tim Mogridge – 355 Challenge
  2. Tristan Simpson – 355 Challenge
  3. Wayne Marrs – 355 Challenge